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No thank you, we don’t want better conference calls, lower prices, simplified billing ….

We see the executive management of an organization (COO, CEO, CFO) work off the principles of common sense.  Yes we have budgets and we operate to them and we put people in charge.  However, there are some fairly basic assumptions:

Here are the fundamentals:

  • If something is on fire, put it out
  • If someone is stealing, report them

Less fundamental, but equally important:

  • If you can reduce costs, then vigorously investigate the validity of the claim;
  • If technology can give your company a competitive edge and ‘listen’, ‘react’, and ‘execute’ wherever possible;
  • Trust: if there is a better deal out there, don’t assume the worse.  It may be a tactical business opportunity.

Big companies do not necessarily mean they are better at what they do than others in the industry. Some time the small entrepreneurial companies (like Accutel) are out there winning business the old fashion way – hard work, great service and being ahead of the curve.