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Visual Audio Controls

Audio Conferencing

Are you ready to take control of your conference call with a few clicks? Web Presenter is not just for web conferences.

Web Presenter is not just a web conferencing platform, you can also use the audio console to activate features you normally would initiate by touch tone command on your telephone keypad.

As the Host of the call, you can launch a web conference session and use your room solely to have a visual landscape of what’s happening on your conference. Giving you complete control, all on one simple interface.

Web Presenter is fully integrated with our Accutel Direct Reservationless Audio Conferencing and a single passcode (your Host Code) would be required to access both services.WP full with #

When the Host logs in, he/she will be greeted with the Active User screen where they will see an icon for each person who has joined the call, along with their Caller ID. You will always know who’s speaking as sound waves appear on the participant’s icon when any kind of noise is detected from their line. You will also have the ability to control each person’s volume if they sound too loud or to too quiet. Or maybe you hear a dog barking in the background, go ahead and mute their individual line.

Don’t forget you can place your call in lecture mode and mute everyone’s line if you’re delivering that important message and want to eliminate that background noise. If it’s a highly confidential call, click on the padlock icon to lock your conference which would prevent any further people from joining you call, even if they have the correct Guest Code.

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Recording you conference is activated with one click and you will see visual confirmation of activation in the status area of the interface. Once the meeting is done, the Host receives an email notification that the recording is ready for download or note the URL to stream the audio.

There is no more second guessing if you activated recording or if Tom from the Montreal office was on the call. You’ve got the audio console to manage everything on your conference for you.

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