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September 2018

Two weeks with a $16,000 Hasselblad kit

By | cameras, Gadgets, Hardware, hasselblad, Reviews

For hobbyist photographers like myself, Hasselblad has always been the untouchable luxury brand reserved for high-end professionals. To fill the gap between casual and intended photography, they released the X1D — a compact, mirrorless medium format. Last summer when Stefan Etienne reviewed the newly released camera, I asked to take a picture. After importing the raw file […]

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Blok.Party raises $10M, will adapt Settlers of Catan to its blockchain game console

By | Blockchain,, Gadgets, Gaming, Hardware, PlayTable, settlers of catan, Startups

Blok.Party, the company that built the upcoming PlayTable game console, announced today it raised $10 million in new funding. It’s also unveiling a big content partnership, where Blok.Party will create its own version of the popular board game Settlers of Catan. I first wrote about Blok.Party and PlayTable earlier this year, when co-founder and CEO […]

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California cops bust crime ring that nabbed $1M worth of devices from Apple Stores

By | Apple, Gadgets, Government

Fear not, citizens — the law enforcement apparatus of California has apprehended or is hot on the trail of more than a dozen hardened criminals who boldly stole from the state’s favorite local business: Apple. Their unconscionable larceny amounted to more than a million dollars worth of devices stolen from Apple Stores — the equivalent of hundreds of iPhones.

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How aerial lidar illuminated a Mayan megalopolis

By | Gadgets, History, Lidar, Science, TC

Archaeology may not be the most likely place to find the latest in technology — AI and robots are of dubious utility in the painstaking fieldwork involved — but lidar has proven transformative. The latest accomplishment using laser-based imaging maps thousands of square kilometers of an ancient Mayan city once millions strong, but the researchers make it clear that there’s no technological substitute for experience and a good eye.

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