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“Our firm switched to Accutel in late 2012 and we’ve never looked back. Their unbeatable prices are what caught our attention but combine that with their customer service and we have never felt the need to look elsewhere for conference calling services. The staff at Accutel is very attentive, easy to deal with and respond quickly to our questions & needs. We would definitely recommend Accutel for any/all conference calling needs.”

– Tracy, General Manager, Energy Company

“Accutel has been wonderful to work with. As a national charitable organization, it’s important that we communicate clearly and effectively with our partners across Canada, at a reasonable price. Accutel has helped us accomplish this by providing great service at a great price.”

– Maegan, Administrative Director, National Charity

“We have received personalized service since the beginning of our service agreement with Accutel. The efforts of the staff far exceed expectations of any other company! I would recommend Accutel to anyone looking for exceptional web and audio conferencing.“

– Sarah, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Engineering at a Global Engineering Firm

“Accutel is a trusted partner for our communication needs, with professionalism that is reflected in all aspects of their business. From initial booking of events to execution, the process is flawless with quick and accurate communication from Accutel staff along every step of the way. The live operators on our assisted calls are always very capable and friendly, which is extremely important with live events and gives us one less aspect for us to worry about. I particularly appreciate the quick follow up after session, providing us with the information that we requested in a really timely manner.”

– Amanda, Senior Stakeholder Relations Manager, Energy Company

“We continue to be very pleased with the Accutel platform as well as the service we receive from your team. Quite simply, it is cost effective and it always performs well. It is one element of our communications platform we don’t need to think about.”

– David, CFO at a Systems Company

“Since September 2010, the Lakes Association has used Accutel Collaboration Solutions to conduct regular meetings between attendees from locations throughout Ontario and occasionally from other points in North America. Connection is simple, quick and clear. With its high level of customer care, quality of service and competitive pricing, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Accutel to others and have done so in the past.”

– Lisa, General Manager at a local Association

“Our organization has used a number of different teleconference services over the years, and our experience with our current provider, Accutel Inc., has by far been the best. The rates are excellent and always beat any other provider’s offered rates. The quality and reliability of the calls are first-rate, and the follow-up call participant summary provided by email is extremely helpful to us. We definitely recommend Accutel for conferencing services.”

– Sharon, Communications Director at a State Association

“I recently was searching for a conference call provider and came across various companies all over North America.
Accutel was one of at least 12 I’ve researched based on rates and quality. I tried a few companies that didn’t work out because of poor rates, quality of service but am very satisfied with the rates and quality of service I have received from Accutel. Accutel will be the provider we will be dealing with and recommending in the future.”

– Eddie, Administrative Assistant for a Services Organization

“The College of Medicine has made extensive use of conference calling services supplied by another provider for many years. Much of these services have been used in support of our various committees and our Board of Governors.
Recently, we began using Accutel’s conference calling services in support of an experimental Continuing Education program that is extremely high profile. We quickly discovered that Accutel’s services provided significant cost savings without sacrificing quality of service.
As a result, we have now migrated all of our conference calling services from our previous provider to Accutel. We are very happy with the service.”

– Lawrence: Director, Information Services for a College

“Resources Ltd has utilized the services of Accutel since September 2010. We access this service at least once per month with participants calling in from Canada, U.S., Paraguay and Uruguay. The services we receive are superior to several of Accutel’s competitors we have used in the past, including price.
We have experienced no dropped calls or technical difficulties on any calls and the call clarity is excellent. I highly recommend Accutel’s services.”

– Deborah, Executive Assistant, Mining Company

“Accutel’s conference call services have brought together Association members for the last 5 years. Not only do our member volunteers communicate more easily and more often and with people across the country, our bills ten times smaller!
We’re a volunteer-driven not-for-profit so Accutel’s easy-to-use service has made a huge difference. Thank you, Accutel.”

– Carolyn, Executive Director, Association

“I’m a very happy customer! I love their customer service, the ease of the product and I know whenever I have an issue, I can talk to a live person who really cares. I go out of my way telling friends and business associates about Accutel- it’s so easy and affordable!!”

– Dan, Managing Partner, Consulting

“Accutel has been a longstanding suppliers of ours. Whether it be a general inquiry, the need to open a new account, or a billing question, their customer service team is very helpful.
They provide an efficient turnaround time to important questions, and are very professional when they do it.
They are also very involved in the sharing of new technologies.”

– Carina, Office Manager, Medical Company

“I am very pleased with the technical and customer service that we have received from Accutel over the last few years. The rates are exceptional and I have certainly appreciated the convenience of having a ready conference call service available for our staff to use.
I look forward to continuing our services with you and will most definitely pass along your contact info to any of our colleagues who would be in need of your conferencing services.”

– Wendy, Executive Assistant, Bio Tech

“I have Accutel to be a highly reliable conferencing service, both within North America and Globally. The service is very user friendly and cost effective. I have been a customer for the last 8 years”

– Shabir, Managing Partner, Consulting Company

“As the person at SH who oversees most aspects of the day to-day operations of the agency, including teleconferencing, I would like to express my endorsement of the teleconferencing services provided by Accutel Inc. Accutel’s teleconferencing service has been a welcome addition at SH since 2010 when I brought them in as a provider. As a not-for-profit addictions treatment and rehabilitation center, our busy staff value the simplicity and ease-of-use of their teleconferencing system and we are very satisfied with their competitive teleconferencing rates. Moreover, we have never experienced any technical issues or service interruptions and the support staff are consistently friendly and helpful. I would recommend Accutel Inc. to anyone looking to provide simple and cost-effective teleconferencing solutions for their business.”

– Marc, Logistics Manager for a Rehabilitation Centre

“I am writing to recommend the services of Accutel Inc. I have recently conducted with your company for establishing teleconference accounts.
Your organization does an excellent job, always punctual, and also offers the most competitive rates. It is our pleasure to do business with you and your co-workers.”

– Tina, Administrative Assistant, Health Network

“Our organization has used ACCUTEL for the past two years and we have been very satisfied with the quality and performance of the services that this company has provided to us. We have found their service to be competitively priced and the individuals to be very professional, knowledgeable and responsive on all aspects of their service product. I would strongly recommend ACCUTEL as a service provider for any business organization that requires the ability to communicate and conduct meetings with their customers via the internet or by telephone. “

– Ray, Franchise Director, National Retailer

“BL Group has employed Accutel Inc conferencing services for the past 2 years. It is a seamless, efficient system that we’ve grown to rely upon.
We found the service / system gives us and other participants freedom to place and participate in conference calls from virtually anywhere in the world with ease. When we have had questions regarding connecting to participants in China, Russia or South America, the Accutel representatives were knowledgeable, helpful and provided answers in a timely fashion. If anyone is looking to simplify or find cost effective solutions to tele-conferencing, I would highly recommend Accutel for their services and support.”

– Dawn, Chief Administration Officer, Resources Company

” We use the conference calling service often and it works well every time without doubt. “

– Steve, CEO, Chamber of Commerce

“I did some research to find a conference call service that was cost effective, easy and wouldn’t take time to get started. Accutel was all these things. I was ready to get started shortly after my initial call. Heather was the account manager that I dealt with. She was extremely friendly and very helpful. We were ready to go the same day.”

– Rosemary, Executive Director, Health Care

“Accutel should be a model to all service providers. It delivers what it promises; Dependable, easy to use, cost-efficient Teleconference Access. We have never experienced technical difficulties; it is there when we need it. If you can dial a phone then you know how to use the product. I highly recommend it.”

– Gilles, Executive Director, Not For Profit

“We have used Accutel for our teleconferencing needs for several years and have found their services excellent and reliable. We originally changed over to them for the reservationless system and are very pleased with their technology. It always works!”

– Fiore, Executive Assistant to the President, Forestry Industry

“We are very satisfied with Accutel’s services. Many of our committees, with members from across the country, regularly meet by teleconference and we have always found it easy to use, with friendly and efficient customer service when we need to record meetings, access more call options or answer quick questions. We would not hesitate to recommend Accutel for great service and competitive pricing.”

-Rachel, Executive Association, National Association

“I manage an industry association and also serve on a number of both for profit and volunteer boards, all of who use teleconferencing on a regular basis. I am very pleased that I selected Accutel as my provider four years ago and have ha excellent service from them since the beginning. I have recommended them to a number of others who were looking for this service and would encourage you to use them as well.”

-Peter, President, Consulting Firm

“We have used Accutel’s voice conferencing for several years now. With directors in 3 different countries and 2 continents, it is a very useful service. The pricing is competitive, and their system has performed flawlessly”.

-Lyle, CEO, Natural Resources Company

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