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Accutel ® has a cool Free Conference Call App that will make your use of our conferencing service more fun and productive! If you are in a car, it will help you connect or set up a call with just two simple clicks!

Here is an example. It is 11:00 am, and everyone is probably starting to dial in for your 11:00 am meeting. You are driving in the car back to the office and can’t get to your wallet card. More importantly, you are driving and cannot enter your passcode. Now you must pull over to look up your information to join your call.

There must be a better way!

There is! If you just downloaded the app, all you would have to do is open it and click on START MY CALL and let the app initiate your call for you.

The Accutel ® Free Conference Call App is now available for Android, iPhone and Windows.

What does this app do?

Free Conference Call App[1] Calendar Event

You can with a mere tap of a button, you can set up a calendar event and invite anyone to your calendar event. The details are then initialized to contain all pertinent details of the conference call, what numbers to dial, what passcode to use.

[2] Email Participants

With a tap of a button, an email is set up to contain all pertinent details of the conference call, what numbers to dial, what passcode to use. Simply add recipients and send the email.

[3] Start your call

With a tap of a button, you can initiate your audio conference call as a host. The phone will dial one of the valid phone numbers for the conference, as pre-selected by the user, then pause and dial all the required additional digits to start the conference as host, while others joining the call will join with the guest codes. As host, you have a variety of other features whereas the features available to those logging in as guests are limited for security purposes.

[4] View and Retreive your recorded calls

With a tap of a button on the  Accutel ® Free Conference Call App, you can view all conference recordings made for the individual conference reservation. Tap the play button to stream the recording to the phone.

Also included are convenient links to access the self-serve web portal and customer care via email or phone.Why use the Accutel ® Free Conference Call App?

It simplifies the process of meeting setup and saves you time. One button provides all the necessary text you would need to provide to others – no need to search for the details somewhere, then copy and paste, or retype the details into an email.

It gets your meeting started quickly and conveniently. Launch the app, tap the “Start My Call” button. That is it.

There is nothing to memorize. You have to log in once, and as long as your credentials do not change, you do not have to log in again. Once you are logged into the app, you do not need to remember the phone number or the codes to use.

Where can I get the Accutel ® Free Conference Call App?

Android on Google Play:

Windows Phone in the Microsoft Store:

iPhone on iTunes:

Visit your app store today and make starting your call, a piece of cake!

About Accutel ®:

Accutel ® is a leading provider of Reliable, Flexible, Scalable and Highly Secure Audio, Web, Event and Video Collaboration platform in use by customers worldwide.

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