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Hold this beam for me, friend robot, and let us construct a house together

By | Artificial Intelligence, construction, Gadgets, Hardware, Robotics, Science, woodworking

Being a neophyte in the world of woodworking — I’ve made a shabby but sturdy shed — I can appreciate the value of a good partner who can help measure, cut, hold stuff, and generally be a second pair of hands. The usual drawback with humans is you have to pay them or feed them in return for this duty. So imagine my delight in finding that ETH Zurich is pioneering the art of robot-assisted woodworking!

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The Goliath CNC is an autonomous cutting machine

By | cnc, construction, Gadgets, manufacturing, milling, TC, Technology

 The phrase “autonomous cutting machine” may sound like something out of Terminator but this clever little robot, called the Goliath CNC, wants to help humanity, not harm it. Created by Lorenzo Frangi, Alessandro Trifoni, and Davide Cevoli, the robot is basically a free-rolling CNC machine that can crawl over a surface and etch and cut lines into many materials. The machine uses a… Read More

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