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Economic development

How Japan Is Creating New Opportunities in the Field of Regenerative Medicine – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN

By | Economic development, Multinational, Pharmaceuticals, Research & development, Sponsor Content, Technology

As biotech companies race toward the opportunities in Japan, no life sciences sector has received more attention, government support, and regulatory reform than the important field of regenerative medicine. Regeneratives are pharmaceutical cell therapy products that replace or restore cells and tissues lost to disease or aging. Some regenerative medicines stimulate our bodies to regrow […]

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How Blockchain Will Accelerate Business Performance and Power the Smart Economy – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM MICROSOFT

By | Currency, Economic development, Economics, Sponsor Content

Political economist Francis Fukuyama predicted a future when social capital would be as important as physical capital, and that only those societies with a high degree of social trust would be able to create large-scale organizations capable of competing in the new economy. Two decades later, an incredible tool is shoring up the foundations of […]

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