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IBM Research develops fingerprint sensor to monitor disease progression

By | Gadgets, Health, IBM, machine learning, Parkinson's Disease, TC

IBM today announced that it has developed a small sensor that sits on a person’s fingernail to help monitor the effectiveness of drugs used to combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s and other diseases. Together with the custom software that analyzes the data, the sensor measures how the nail warps as the user grips something. Because virtually any […]

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IBM’s Verifier inspects (and verifies) diamonds, pills and materials at the micron level

By | Artificial Intelligence, Gadgets, Hardware, IBM, Mobile, Science, spectroscopy, TC

It’s not enough in this day and age that we have to deal with fake news, we also have to deal with fake prescription drugs, fake luxury goods, and fake Renaissance-era paintings. Sometimes all at once! IBM’s Verifier is a gadget and platform made (naturally) to instantly verify that something is what it claims to be, by inspecting it at a microscopic level.

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