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Mario Bear has come to save 2017

By | bear, fiction, Gadgets, Gaming, Mario, Nintendo, super mario 64, TC

 It’s been a long year – it feels like it actually spanned about 50, in fact. But now, at the end, some relief: Mario Bear.
Yes, it’s just a bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop. And a ‘brand collaboration,’ that horrific thing that usually just means some executives get a larger Christmas bonus and more people are convinced to part with their hard-earned money for… Read More

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Super Mario Odyssey is a masterpiece of twists and turns

By | Gadgets, Gaming, Mario, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, super mario odyssey, Switch, TC

 It’s almost unnerving how good Nintendo is at its job — at least, when the wizards there choose to apply themselves. Super Mario Odyssey is a embarrassment of riches, never failing to surprise for hours and hours and maintaining an unflaggingly positive feeling the entire time. It’s an essential for all Switch owners, and highly recommended for any gamer with a heart and a… Read More

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