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Nikon embraces a mirrorless future with Z series cameras and lenses

By | cameras, Gadgets, Hardware, mirrorless, Nikon, Photography, TC

The largest trend in photography over the last five years or so, not counting smartphones, has been the emergence and maturity of mirrorless camera systems. These operate in a very different manner from traditional SLRs, and as such market leaders with decades embedded in the latter — namely Canon and Nikon — have resisted making the shift. That changes for Nikon today with its announcement of the Z6 and Z7, which show the company is making the change wholeheartedly.

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Canon and Nikon are reportedly both planning full-frame mirrorless cameras this year

By | Canon, Gadgets, Hardware, mirrorless, Nikon, Photography

It’s going to be an exciting year for photographers — finally — as both Canon and Nikon are reportedly planning full-frame mirrorless cameras for debut before the end of 2018. It’s good news for consumers, because it means that both companies have been investing heavily in the next phase of digital photography, and that competition in the mirrorless world is about to heat up.

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