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This 3D-printed prosthetic hand combines speed and strength with simplicity

By | 3d printing, Gadgets, Hardware, Prosthetics, Robotics, Science

Prosthetic limbs have come a long way from the heavy, solid hands and legs of yesteryear, but it’s still difficult to pack a range of motion into them without complex or bulky machinery. But new research out of Cornell uses a cleverly designed 3D-printed mechanism to achieve speed and strength with simple construction — and it costs a lot less, too.

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SmartArm’s AI-powered prosthesis takes the prize at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup

By | Artificial Intelligence, Gadgets, Hardware, imagine cup, Microsoft, Prosthetics, Robotics, TC

A pair of Canadian students making a simple, inexpensive prosthetic arm have taken home the grand prize at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, a global startup competition the company holds yearly. SmartArm will receive $85,000, a mentoring session with CEO Satya Nadella, and some other Microsoft goodies. But they were far from the only worthy team from the dozens that came to Redmond to compete.

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Researchers 3D print a soft artificial heart that works a lot like a real one

By | artificial heart, Bio, ETH Zurich, Gadgets, Prosthetics, Robotics, Science, TC

 The science of prosthetics has been advancing by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and research into soft robotics has been especially complementary. The same techniques that go into making a robot arm that flexes and turns like a real one can go into making more complex, subtle organs — like the heart, as Swiss researchers have demonstrated. Read More

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