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Silicone 3D printing startup Spectroplast spins out of ETHZ with $1.5M

By | 3d printer, 3d printing, ETHZ, Gadgets, Hardware, Health, Robotics, Science, TC

3D printing has become commonplace in the hardware industry, but because few materials can be used for it easily, the process rarely results in final products. A Swiss startup called Spectroplast hopes to change that with a technique for printing using silicone, opening up all kinds of applications in medicine, robotics, and beyond.

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Flexible stick-on sensors could wirelessly monitor your sweat and pulse

By | Berkeley, flexible, flexible electronics, Gadgets, Hardware, Health, Science, stanford, Stanford University, uc-berkeley

As people strive ever harder to minutely quantify every action they do, the sensors that monitor those actions are growing lighter and less invasive. Two prototype sensors from crosstown rivals Stanford and Berkeley stick right to the skin and provide a wealth of phsyiological data.

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These robo-shorts are the precursor to a true soft exoskeleton

By | exoskeleton, Gadgets, Hardware, harvard, harvard university, robotic exoskeleton, Robotics, Science, TC, wyss institute

When someone says “robotic exoskeleton,” the power loaders from Aliens are what come to mind for most people (or at least me), but the real things will be much different: softer, smarter, and used for much more ordinary tasks. The latest such exo from Harvard is so low-profile you could wear it around the house.

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