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Sign Language

SignAll is slowly but surely building a sign language translation platform

By | american sign language, Computer Vision, Diversity, Europe, Gadgets, Hardware, machine learning, Sign Language, signall, Startups, TC, Translation

 Translating is difficult work, the more so the further two languages are from one another. French-Spanish? Not a problem. Ancient Greek-Esperanto? Hard. But sign language is uniquely difficult because it is fundamentally different from spoken and…

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This 3D-printed robotic arm is built for sign language

By | 3d printing, Gadgets, Robotics, Sign Language, TC, University of Antwerp

 While we usually see robotics applied to industrial or research applications, there are plenty of ways they could help in everyday life as well: an autonomous guide for blind people, for instance, or a kitchen bot that helps disabled folks cook. Or — and this one is real — a robot arm that can perform rudimentary sign language. Read More

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