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Soft Robotics

Gomer is a soft robot that can bother your cat

By | COG, fiction, film, Gadgets, robot, Robotics, Soft Robotics, TC

 If there’s any sort of trend in robotics this year it’s soft hands. Robots with soft pincers are quite useful in picking up – and not breaking – objects and now you can enjoy a soft-handed robot at home. The robot is called Gomer and it’s available now on Indiegogo. The little robot had an expressive face and a big claw on top. You can play games with Gomer –… Read More

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These stretchy, durable sensors could be woven right into clothing

By | Gadgets, harvard, Science, Soft Robotics, TC, Wearables, wyss institute

 If we must have an Internet of Things, it makes no sense to leave clothes out of the party. But clothes must be worn, washed, bunched up and folded — it’s hard to make electronics that can survive all that. Plenty are trying, though; the latest attempt is from Harvard’s Wyss Institute, which uses a simple but effective layering method to make a durable, customizable flex sensor. Read More

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