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In the Accelerator over the Sea

By | Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, conservation, Funding, Gadgets, GreenTech, Hardware, ocean solutions accelerator, Robotics, Science, Startups, sustainable ocean alliance, TC

In our oceans the scale of disasters is measured in millions, billions, and trillions, while solutions amount to single digits: individuals or institutions working to impact a chosen issue with approaches often both brilliant and quixotic. Putting such individuals in close contact with both whales and billionaires is the strange alchemy being attempted by the Sustainable Ocean Alliance’s Accelerator at Sea.

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Smart home startup Level Home emerges from stealth with $71M and a new take on the smart lock

By | Gadgets, Hardware, Recent Funding, Startups, TC

As companies like Google, Amazon and Apple hone their strategies to build the brain that helps you use the smart home of the future, where a new wave of internet-enabled appliances, climate and security systems and other connected objects can be connected and controlled through their hubs, a new smart home startup called Level Home […]

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