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surface book

Hands-on with Microsoft’s high-end Surface Book 2

By | Gadgets, Hardware, Laptop, Microsoft, Surface, surface book, surface book 2

 Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is the most powerful mobile Surface device yet. It easily blows away the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop and, of course, the old Surface Book. It’s also one of the odder devices in the lineup, though. It’s not just a Surface Pro with a rigid keyboard. It’s a relatively heavy base with a powerful processor and graphics card and a big battery… Read More

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Porsche Design’s Book One is the industrial convertible laptop that needs fixing

By | book one, Gadgets, Hardware, Laptop, Porsche, Porsche Design, Reviews, surface book

 Porsche Design’s Book One laptop is a prime example of when aesthetics completely take over — when other parts of the device suffer and you lose focus on how well it actually works. The form factor set by Microsoft’s Surface Book is probably one of the best approaches to a convertible laptop. Why? Simplicity: the screen detaches from the body to become a tablet, then can… Read More

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