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Women’s Safety XPRIZE $1M winner is a smart, simple panic button

By | Gadgets, Hardware, Leaf Wearables, Safety, sexual assault, Startups, TC, Wearables, XPRIZE

Devices like smartphones ought to help people feel safer, but if you’re in real danger the last thing you want to do is pull out your phone, go to your recent contacts, and type out a message asking a friend for help. The Women’s Safety XPRIZE just awarded its $1 million prize to one of dozens of companies attempting to make a safety wearable that’s simple and affordable.

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Water Abundance XPRIZE finalists compete in gathering water from thin air

By | Gadgets, GreenTech, Hardware, Health, Science, TC, Water, XPRIZE

Despite being a necessity for life, clean, drinkable water can be extremely hard to come by in some places where war has destroyed infrastructure or climate change has dried up rivers and aquifers. The Water Abundance XPRIZE is up for grabs to teams who can suck fresh water straight out of the air, and it just announced its five finalists.

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