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Free One-Click Apple and Android Phone Conference Calling App.

Accutel ® has a Free Conference Call App that will make your use of our conferencing service more fun and productive! If you are in a car, it will help you connect or set up a call with just two simple clicks!

With the tap of a button, you can initiate a calendar event which includes all conference ID and caller instructions. You also have the choice of a simple email invite (vs. a calendar event). When you are ready, you hit the “Start My Call” button, and you’re off! No numbers to memorize, no codes to enter.

View and Retrieve your recorded calls

With a tap of a button on the Accutel ® Free Conference Call App, you can view all conference recordings made for the individual conference reservation. Tap the play button to listen securely to your recorded calls.

Audio Conference Calling

Audio Conferencing is a technology tool that drives productivity. It creates the framework for planned and spontaneous meetings that connects the right people to get things done.

Simple to use from any device, just dial in, use your pass code and start your great meeting! Want to see who is on the call and control your meeting from an online web portal? We have that too!

Beyond, reliable, high def audio conferencing, we layer in features and tools to make your meetings more robust:

  • Touch Tone Commands to mute, record and locks your call
  • Online reports that show you who dialed in hung up and how long they were on the call
  • Allow your participants to start the call without a host or with a host to provide the flexibility you need for your meeting
  • Record your meetings and archive them for playback over the phone, over the web or download as we a WAV. file
  • Add a project code, matter number or GL code for easy tracking and cost allocation

Affordable Pricing

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Powerful Features

Accutel Reservationless Audio Conferencing

On-Demand, Instantaneous – the reliable dial in and enter your Passcode conference call that has become the business staple.

Available Integrated Web Conferencing

Use the same codes for Audio Conferencing as for Web Conferencing with Accutel’s Web Presenter (Included with our Unlimited). Share PowerPoint, Documents, and Applications to illustrate your meeting objectives and keep your participants engaged.

Web Management Tools

From call details to invoices, changing and adding passcodes and hosts to features and preferences. If you like self-serve, then this is the ideal option for you. 

Online Call Details

On-Demand, Instantaneous – the reliable dial in and enter your Passcode conference call that has become the business staple.

Billing Codes

On a call by call basis, you can assign billing, client, or GL codes, including matter numbers for more manageable bill back and cost allocation.

Archiving & Playback

Missing a key stakeholder on a call? Want to keep meeting minutes? Recording a call is simple and provides your business options when you need it.


Need your call transcribed? Let us know, and we will get your Audio or Video transcript returned. Rush Delivery Available. 


We offer conference call support and Event Call services in English, French, and Spanish. 

Security Matters

Security was a top priority in the design of our conference bridge technologies.

Accutel’s bridge technology utilizes an embedded operating system that was designed specifically for collaboration applications. It’s a conferencing platform that provides high-quality, reliable conferencing under high volume environments.

Accutel’s applications use a proprietary messaging scheme for communication on designated ports. All other ports are not externally accessible. Our call path interface is separate from the application data interface to ensure the highest level of Security.

Different Host and Guest Passcodes

We have designed our bridges to be resilient to fraudulent use by rogue users. A Host passcode allows the conference to begin, acting as the “key” for the conference. Guests dialing into the conference will hear hold music before the Host arrives.

Conference Security

The Host may choose to lock or secure their conference. When a conference is secured, an operator and new parties attempting to join the conference will not be permitted access. Hosts can “secure” or “unsecure” the conference by entering a key-code.

Double-Passcode Entry

We provide the option for users to optionally enter a passcode (after their access PIN) to gain access to the conference, which will dramatically reduce the opportunity for fraud or uninvited guests.

Host Disconnect

We can configure a call to end if the Host disconnects. This feature provides extra Security and lost control by not allowing a conference to continue after its Host has disconnected.

Silent Intruder Detection

If a participant does not record their name and company upon entry into the conference, the system plays the message “Name not recorded” to the conference as the party joins, thereby alerting the conference that someone has joined the call but did not record a name.

Dial-out Prevention

This feature specifies whether or not an unattended conference Host can dial-out to additional parties.

Online Reporting


Information in an instant. From call details to invoices, changing and adding passcodes and hosts to features and preferences.

Web Presenter


Share slides, spreadsheets, documents and web applications with this Multi Media sharing solution.

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