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Touch Tone Commands
Online Reports
Record and archive your meetings

Accutel Web Presenter
Adobe Connect

Easy access from any device, anytime, anywhere
Data mining features
eCommerce Ready

Dedicated Event Coordinator
Multilingual Support
+20 years of experience in the industry

Custom Solutions for your specific needs
Make video conferencing easy
Hardware and Equipment for your requirements

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“Our firm switched to Accutel in late 2012 and we’ve never looked back. Their unbeatable prices are what caught our attention but combine that with their customer service and we have never felt the need to look elsewhere for conference calling services. The staff at Accutel is very attentive, easy to deal with and respond quickly to our questions & needs. We would definitely recommend Accutel for any/all conference calling needs.”

Tracy, General Manager, Energy Company

“We continue to be very pleased with the Accutel platform as well as the service we receive from your team. Quite simply, it is cost effective and it always performs well. It is one element of our communications platform we don’t need to think about.”

David, CFO at a Systems Company

“Our organization has used a number of different teleconference services over the years, and our experience with our current provider, Accutel Inc., has by far been the best. The rates are excellent and always beat any other provider’s offered rates. The quality and reliability of the calls are first-rate, and the follow-up call participant summary provided by email is extremely helpful to us. We definitely recommend Accutel for conferencing services.”

Sharon, Communications Director at a State Association

“I’m a very happy customer! I love their customer service, the ease of the product and I know whenever I have an issue, I can talk to a live person who really cares. I go out of my way telling friends and business associates about Accutel- it’s so easy and affordable!!”

Dan, Managing Partner, Consulting

” We use the conference calling service often and it works well every time without doubt. “

Steve, CEO, Chamber of Commerce

“We have used Accutel’s voice conferencing for several years now. With directors in 3 different countries and 2 continents, it is a very useful service. The pricing is competitive, and their system has performed flawlessly”.

Lyle, CEO, Natural Resources Company

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