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More than just everyday conferencing services, we offer collaboration solutions and more.




Accutel Direct ® Reservationless Audio Conferencing
On Demand, Instantaneous – the reliable dial in and enter your Passcode conference call that has become the business staple.

Accutel Event ®
The white glove treatment. Operator Assisted and Event calls with a team of dedicated specialists to help you from beginning to end.

Integrated Web Conferencing
Use the same codes for Audio Conferencing as for Web Conferencing with Accutel‘s Web Presenter. Share PowerPoint, Documents and Applications to illustrate your meeting objectives and keep your participants engaged.

Video Conferencing
Cloud Based, Pay as you go, High Def, Virtual Rooms, Video Room Rentals, Equipment Installation, Hosted Video Support and Managed Video Networks. You need it? Our experts will go over what you need, why you need it and provide comprehensive options to help you choose the best solution for you.

Wanting your message to have unlimited reach? Our state of the art platform will let you deliver your message to all corners of the globe and everything in between.

Collaborative Boardroom Technology
Looking to create a meeting space that caters to collaboration? We work closely with our customers to design projection tools, microphone & speaker systems, displays including state of the art technology that ensures your participants can be seen, heard and are getting the most out of every meeting.

Web Management Tools
Information in an instant. From call details to invoices, changing and adding passcodes and hosts to features and preferences. If you like self-serve, then this is the ideal option for you. Of course we are always here to support you by phone or email 24/7/365 from our Toronto office.

Online Call Details
Understand who uses conferencing, when, for how long and then export for a deep dive on your organizations usage.

Billing Codes
On a call by call basis, you can assign billing, client or GL codes including matter numbers for easier bill back and cost allocation.

Archiving & Playback
Missing a key stakeholder on a meeting? Want to keep meeting minutes? Recording a call is easy and provides your business options when you need it.

We offer conference call support and Event Call services in English, French and Spanish. We can answer and conduct Event calls in full Quebecois French. Not many have that feather in their cap!

Web Presenter

Share slides, spreadsheets, documents and web
applications with this Multi Media sharing solution.


Online Reporting

Information in an instant. From call details to invoices, changing
and adding passcodes and hosts to features and preferences.

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We have everything you need for great meetings.

Flat out, hands down we have the absolute best Channel Partners white label platform in the industry.


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