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Streamed Media & Web Casting

We often get asked, why would our business need web casting?

The answer is that Web Casting is great for addressing larger audiences who would benefit from listening to your message over the Internet.


Different from Accutel’s other services, Web Casting is a broadcast tool. It’s a one way communication out to an audience like You Tube or TV. Your guests listen to a live or archived presentation over a URL address. Super easy to access from any device, anytime, anywhere.

You can choose from audio or voice only, Audio with presentation slides, audio with video and a slide presentation or a Video Broadcast.

There are some very valuable data mining features you can layer in like RSVP, Participant information, Voting, Polling and Question and Answer.

You can even add an eCommerce component and ask that individual guests pay in advance for access to your event.

We are really really good at helping our customers realize their vision for a Web Cast. We believe in arming our customers with educated decisions that will help them get the most out of their communication.

Web Presenter

Share slides, spreadsheets, documents and web
applications with this Multi Media sharing solution.


Online Reporting

Information in an instant. From call details to invoices, changing
and adding passcodes and hosts to features and preferences.

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