Need a conference call for 1000 attendees?

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You know what a conference call is … but what about a conference call for 1000 or more attendees? We do that. Here is how.

Our clients make lots of conference calls. We know, we track and bill the minutes. The typical conference call has between 4 and 12 participants and will last for about 20 – 40 minutes. But what if the requirement is presented to you to set up a call with 50, 100 or even a 1000 participants? Imagine if the ‘ask’ for this event is highly structured where you would also need to record the call (both audio and presented web portion) with the opportunity to introduce interactivity with polling and live questions?

Well, we do that, and we call it Accutel Event Conferencing.

With an event this large the ‘details’ are important. We coach (and receive coaching) the presenter in-advance of the call.

On event day, we set up both the host and guest speakers at least 15 minutes before the event start time. If the client asks we will open it earlier.

We perform sound checks vigorously, and we do them in the very spot each that each person will be sitting. This is where we talk about the small but significant details.

Pronunciation matters. We want to make sure that we correctly pronounce the host name, so no one misses the mark on the introduction.
Once the participants call in, we greet every member with a live operator. We gather caller information (e.g. name, company and any other requested details.). At the end of the session, a completed and verified list of members is provided after the call wraps up.

During the call, the audio and web portion are presented. Web is typically ‘streamed’ which is how we ensure that the viewing experience for remote users on less than ideal internet connections is maintained.

During the event we can provide operator managed Q&A where callers queue up to ask questions and are introduced by name (& company in most cases), one at a time.

We also provide Vote polling (live or staged). Live would be a realtime exchange of questions and answers where as staged would be provided in advance.

During the event or after via playback we can provide a transcription Service which would provide you with a written word by word account of the event.

After the call, we set up the call for future public or private download so those who miss the call can listen again or for the first time.
We provide telephone playback details which is where participants can call into a dial in number and key in a pass-code to listen to the call over the phone. Callers are given the option of registering or listening as a guest.

And that is how we handle large events!

Accutel’s Event team consists of seasoned operators with a combined experience of over 40 years leading flawless events. A lot of thought and care goes into delivering important announcements to your audience. We believe in personal touches. Things like greeting  each participant by a live operator and collecting caller information.

The typical use case for an event call is:

  • Investor Relations calls
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Town Halls
  • Emergency announcements (short set-up / short notice)

If you host meetings like these, let us plan and deliver a great event for you!