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When do companies start to look at Web Conferencing?

We have had the privilege of working with thousands of customers who have layered in Web Conferencing as part of how they communicate and collaborate.  Statistically, the lions share of most virtual meetings is still over the phone however here are some reasons companies choose to leverage Web Conferencing for meetings:

  • The presentation they are sharing is not meant to be shared or socialized after the meeting. With Financial documents and other sensitive information, if you want to share the information but do not want participants to have a copy, Web Conferencing fits the bill! Share and collaborate with the security of keeping the documents in your own hands.
  • Web Conferencing is awesome for training! It allows companies to train more often and in smaller segments. Short frequent training is paramount to turning knowledge into habit. Companies include the visuals of Web Conferencing to keep their participants engaged. You can even do a short survey or test at the end!
  •  Most Web Conferencing platforms can be used for Video Conferencing. If you want to see one person or even a room of people, WebEx, Web Presenter, Adobe Connect all include a video conferencing component. The quality won’t be high def but likely pretty darn good. This is a cheap and cheerful way to see and speak to your important people.

Visuals help participants retain more information while adding a second level of sensory engagement. 

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