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Flat out, hands down we have the absolute best Channel Partners white label platform in the industry.your reference.

Accutel Channel Partner and Agent Program

Best in class conferencing and collaboration technology solution for your business needs

How is Accutel’s Channel Partner Conferencing better?

We own Compunetix bridges, still the most reliable bridging infrastructure on the market.

We wrote our own Billing and provisioning system (aka NO Metratech) and it is flexible, scalable, agile and BUILT for channel.

We can white label everything and you can login, add, change, update, send branded emails and have complete control over your content.
You will love our reporting! Profit margin reports by product, rep, customer, timeline. Built in commission modules. Trend reports, new user reports, 3rd time user reports,
Wallet card fulfillment is included for all our re-sellers. We will print, pack and ship in under your brand.

White label 24/7/365 customer support.

Why staff when we can provide trilingual (English, French and Spanish customer support and resolve 90% of customer issues in one call, saving you time and energy.
We have seen what the big conferencing companies offer for channel partners and there is not a shadow of a doubt that the Accutel re-seller program provides more value, is scalable, agile and will help partners get off the ground faster make money faster than other programs.

Want to know more? We want to hear from you! Call is today at 1.877.299.7070.

Accutel offers a comprehensive Agent Program that allows for generous commissions and happy customers.

Who would benefit from becoming an Accutel Agent?

If your company sells products and/or service to other businesses.
You are looking for a new service to create ‘stickiness’ as part of your retention strategy.
If you are an independent sales person looking for a great way to generate residual income.

Why become an Accutel Agent?

  • Lots of businesses use conferencing and it is a clear choice as an up-sell and cross sell service.
  • We offer heaps of training to help you sell more.
  • We have a 24/7/365 multilingual customer support team to support your customers.
  • Residual reoccurring income!

Call us today at 1.877.299.7070 to find out more about our Agent Program.

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Flat out, hands down we have the absolute best Channel Partners white label platform in the industry.


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